C.Wayman Floral & Events Press

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Modern Luxury Datebook,

February 2019

“Beautiful linens compliments of I Do Linens and classic florals by C. Wayman Floral & Events helped tie together the elegant theme.”


People Magazine, June 2018

C.Wayman Floral & Events provided the more than 25,000 flowers, which were used to build various animal sculptures, subway-car models, a 16-foot decorative piece and more”


The Wining Dinos, Iron Chef Wine Dinner

“Catherine of C.Wayman Floral & Events created this incredible floral display that went beyond all that I could imagine.”


Perfete, March 2019

C Wayman Floral provided gorgeous blooms in shades of pinks and reds placed in elegant crystal and gold vases with plenty of candlelight”


Vogue, June 2018

“The fantastical setup featured more than 26,000 pink and white flowers, done by C.Wayman Floral & Events. Blooms burst out of 6 train subway car replicas, while others were crafted into a menagerie of animals including a momma and baby giraffe. The true showstopper was a 16-foot floral facade.”

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The Atlantan’s 2019 Dynamic Women of Atlanta

“Catherine combines her passion for serving others with the desire to create meaningful, and lasting experiences through design.”